Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

A comprehensive clinical assessment is an intensive clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation of an individual’s presenting mental health, developmental disability, and/or substance abuse condition that results in the issuance of a written report, providing the clinical basis for the development of the Introductory Person Centered Plan (PCP), the Complete PCP, or the service plan when a PCP is not required.

This written report also includes recommendations for services, supports, and/or treatment. Through a comprehensive clinical assessment, the information is essential to formulating a diagnosis and a plan for treatment is composed. The comprehensive clinical assessment provides the Qualified Professional and treatment team members with the necessary data and recommendations to synthesize this information into the development of the PCP with the consumer.

A comprehensive clinical assessment offers an opinion as to whether the consumer is appropriate for and can benefit from mental health, and/or substance abuse services. It also evaluates the consumer’s level of readiness and motivation to engage in treatment. For individuals with substance abuse conditions, recommendations on the appropriate level of placement are determined using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria.

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  • Bipolar disorder
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  • OCD
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